Qt Overview (C++ GUI development framework)

Qt 是奇趣科技于 1991 年开发的跨平台 C++ 图形用户界面 GUI 应用程序开发框架,采用 LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License) 和商业许可授权协议。

Qt 向开发者提供了建立艺术级图形用户界面所需的全部功能,可开发 GUI 程序,也可开发非 GUI 程序,譬如:控制台工具、服务器。


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Digitser 产品和微软OS/VisualStudio Python Qt/C/C++ 关系

Visual Studio Build Tools 2017 2019 for VC build compilation tools


Qt 开发框架是面向对象的,使用 MOC (Meta Object Compiler 元对象编译器) 特殊代码生成扩展及一些宏,易于扩展,允许组件编程。

Qt LTS (Long Term Supported 长支持版) 支持长达 3 年,在这段时间内,会持续提供更新和 Bug 修复。

基本上,Qt 同 X11 上的 GTK、Motif、Openwin 和 Windows 上的 MFC OWL VCL ATL 是同类型相似技术。

但 Qt 支持更多平台、面向对象且模块化程度更高、非常丰富的 API、支持 2D/3D 图形渲染、支持 OpenGL、大量开发文档、支持 XML、等。

Qt 包括多达 250 个以上的 C++ 类,还替供基于模板的 collections serialization file I/Odevice directorymanagement date/time 类,甚至还包括正则表达式、等。

Qt 提供了一种称为 signals/slots (信号/槽) 的机制来替代 callback (回调),这使得各对象之间的协同变得非常简单。




Version History

Time Version Explanation Remark
2021.11 5.12.12
2021.09 6.2.0
2021.05 6.1.0
2021.02 6.0.1
2020.12 6.0.0 Removed Qt Multimedia Widgets Build using CMake
2020.11 5.15.2
2020.10 5.15.1
2020.06 5.12.9
2020.05 5.15.0 New Qt PDF module Open source users need to own compile and build the binary installation package
2020.04 5.12.8
2020.03 5.14.2
2020.01 5.14.1
2019.12 5.14.0
2019.11 5.13.2
2019.09 5.13.1
2019.06 5.13

Begin to support PDF OpenSSL1.1

QtWebEngine pop-up local document links are not supported (by default)

No longer supported MSVC2015

Remove module QtCanvas3D

Minimum support Android5.0 Java21

2018.12 5.12 Add QtRemoteObjects QtWebEngine compile minimum support MSVC2017
2018.05 5.11 Begin to support MSVC2017
2017.12 5.10
2017.05 5.9 PCRE1 library is no longer supported No longer supported Windows8.1 RT
2017.01 5.8 No longer compatible with C++98, fully support C++11
2016.03 5.6
2015.12 4.8.7 End of support
2015.07 5.5 Fully support Android Mac OS X iOS Linux backend
2014.12 5.4 Added Chromium-based QtWebEngine to realize HTML5 hybrid development Last version that supports WebKit
2014.05 5.3
2014.04 Released the official version of Qt Creator 3.1.0
2013.12 5.2 Release Qt for iOS
2013.07 5.1
2012.08 Nokia sells Qt software business to Finnish IT services company Digia NOKIA stopped Meltemi system development, QT department was disbanded
2011.02 Release Qt for Android (Alpha)
2011 Digia acquires Qt commercial rights from Nokia From then on Nokia is responsible for Qt on Mobile, Qt Commercial is responsible for Digia
2009.12 4.6
2009.05 Open the Qt source code library to the public Enable Git and Gitorious open source project web source code management system
2009.03 4.5
2008 Nokia acquires Qt from Trolltech Add LGPL license
2000.10 Start using GPL license
2000.09 2.2
2000.03 Release embedded Qt
1999.06 2.0
1999.03 1.44 Release QPL1.0
1998.07 1.40 Release KDE1.0
1998.04 Trolltech programmers migrate Netscape5.0 from Motif to Qt within 5 days Established KDE Free Qt Foundation
1996 Matthias Ettrich creates the KDE project Matthias is currently working for the Nokia Qt development framework
1995 First released
1994 Established Trolltech Technology Company
1991 Haavard Nord and Eirik Chambe-Eng start developing Qt Support X11 and Windows


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