Digital Express 2020 V10.6.5.13 build 20190726.185133

en-US zh-CN zh-TW Three-in-One Multi-language (Green portable version)

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After download-decompression, click on digital_express.exe to use, no need to install separately

Mainly supported programming languages:

Python 2.x 3.x ( Official Install Version     Green Portable Edition )

HTML5     Qt5/C++




Date Version Explanation Remark
2019.07.26 V10.6

Add 48 features

Repair 10 bugs


优化内存-算法-用户体验,把 Qt 升级至 5.12.3,把 Python 脚本升级至 3.6.8

添加 MAIL 发送功能项,使支持查看编辑 *.DJSON 格式文件,增强文本选项卡 TEXT、关键词视图快捷键操作

使 CMD CPP HTML PY SHELL 选项卡支持定界字符补全操作,为最小化对话框添加 2 分钟倒计时自动关闭特性

使出错对话展示框时仍能操作主界面并为 TEXT 视图添加字符高亮,为 CPP HTML JS PY 选项卡文本视图添加折叠栏

2019.06.12 V10.3 First released First released beta version