Digital Express 2019.5 V10.3.1.6 build 20190613.003914

en-US zh-CN zh-TW Three-in-One Multi-language (Green portable version)

Still in development, release date to be determined

After download-decompression, click on digital_express.exe to use, no need to install separately

Mainly supported programming languages:

Python 2.x 3.x ( Official Install Version     Green Portable Edition )

HTML5     Qt5/C++



Applet (High-speed mode will be smart invoked all threads up to 100% CPU resources, according to the situation of CPU running)

Name High-Speed Mode Function Remark
File Space Quickly standardize and remove spaces-empty lines in the certain specified format files
File Item Repeat Quickly batch remove duplicate items from the files of certain specified directories
Regular Expression (RE) Verify for Qt Repeat the verification of character matches by a RE (regular expression) that conforms to the C++ Perl specification
Regular Expression (RE) Verify for Python Repeat the verification of character matches by a RE (regular expression) that conforms to the Python specification
Full Text Search (FTS)+ Support Quick batch find-list some file names-line numbers as the forward or reverse (progressive narrowing) mode, by single or multiple combined keywords in the file content
File Search+ Quick batch retrieval, list the file-directory full name in some specified directories
File Rename+ Quickly batch rename the files in some specified directories into the target file name
File Sequence Rename Quickly batch rename the files in the specified directory, into the target file name by the level recursive sequence mode
Timing Shutdown Timer-Timing Calls the system background scheduling task to automatically power off the computer
Text-To-Speech (TTS) Text Specified file-text content is automatically read by the computer TTS (text-to-speech) technology
Full Text Replace (FTR) Quickly batch replace specific characters in certain files of the specified directory
Full Text Replace (FTR) Many Quickly batch replace multiple characters in the files of some specified directories
File Download Quickly download the web, document and image, into the local disk

* Which applet are specifically integrated, whichever is the latest release.